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Sparrow Trap For Farm Buildings
"It's been well accepted by farmers and throughout the pest control industry," explains Mike Ryan, manufacturer of the popular Last Perch sparrow trap we told you about in the January-February issue.
The Last Perch trap was invented by Leo Voelker, who farms near Linn, Kan. "It's been in use on our farm and several neighboring farms for more than 15 years and really does a job," notes Leo. Ryan bought out the patent rights to the sparrow trap in December of 1980, made some modifications to the original design, and began manufacturing them in February of 1981.
The trap is a wooden box with a sheet metal wrap, outside perches and entry holes which allow access to the inside of the trap.
The front of the trap has a "Lexan" plastic window and the bottom a mesh hardware cloth holding cage. When a sparrow enters the hole, he perches on a balance tube which tips under his weightand drops him into the lower part of the box. As the bird tries to fly out through the Lexan window, the perch flops back and blocks the entrance.
"It is designed primarily to control the sparrow population, not eliminate them. It will on occasion trap a desirable bird which can easily be set free by removing the mesh basket from the trap and freeing the bird," points out Ryan. Sells for $49.98.
Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Last Perch, Inc., 209 Mill St. S.W., Mitchellville, Iowa 50169 (ph 515 967-2853).

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