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Oil Cleaner Adapter For VW Engines
Most engine work on VW engines used in spray coupes, for irrigation, and in other farm equipment as well as in cars and pick-ups can be traced to problems with dirty oil, says Jim Cofield, Brown Carburetor Co., manufacturer of a new add-on oil filter adapter for VW engines.
The problem is that the air-cooled engines don't have easily replaceable oil filters. "Once this adapter is installed, you never have to pull the oil screens again. It's a full-flow filter that doesn't drop oil pressure at all," says Cofield, noting that the adapter installs ahead of the oil pump which "is better than most oil filters because it filters the oil before it gets into the pump. If you blow a rod or damage an engine in some other way, the filter catches small parts before they get into the pump and wreck it. The adapter also makes it easier to change oil. You just screw off the filter and let the oil drain."
Sells for $29.95.
Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Brown Carburetor Co., Box 298, Groton, S. Dak. 57445 (ph 605 397-2305).

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