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Hydraulic Powered Grain Storage Tank
You've never seen anything like this giant field storage tank for grain that holds 1,250 bu. of grain and unloads hydraulically, powered by its own engine and hydraulic system.
"Instead of using 4 to 5 small trucks to haul grain from combines to storage, you can use 1 or 2 trucks to haul grain to this portable bin, and then use a semi to haul grain to town," says Wally Brenner, Pomeroy, Wash., about his portable field bin.
"The first wagon that I built was for a farmer who wanted a field tank that he could drive under with a semi. We came up with the idea of this portable tank so it could be easily moved to another field. Then another farmer came to me who told me he was going to have to buy two more trucks. He talked to a grain hauler about hauling from the portable tank to the elevator by semi and decided it was cheaper to buy one of my portable bins than to buy two small trucks that wouldn't be used 11 months out of the year. Another farmer who came to me said he'd been looking at building a round field storage tank that took two portable augers and two small tractors to operate. He decided my portable bin would be cheaper in the long run," says Brenner.
The portable tank is fitted with a diesel engine that powers a pair of hydraulic pumps. The tank is fitted with a 10-in. loading auger, a 12-in. unloading auger and a 7-in. leveling auger, all of which are direct-driven by hydraulic motors. The leveling auger moves back and forth, automatically leveling the tank. A pair of hydraulic rams on a rock shaft lowers the four 15-in. transport wheels. Up-front a hydraulic cylinder raises the tongue. It takds about 3 min. to get ready for transport. The tank does not have to be on perfectly flat ground to function.
The tank can unload its 1,250 bu. in 12 to 15 min. It's fitted with a roll-over tarp. Sells for $24,000.
For more information, contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Wally Brenner, Wally's Welding & Fabricating, Box 563, Pomeroy, Wash. 99347 (ph 509 843-1321 or 1173).

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