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Retrofit Doors For Old Silos
Wisconsin Silos makes replacement swinging doors for concrete and concrete stave silos. They also repair and replace doors and parts. In many cases, the replacement doors are superior to the originals, with three locking latches and steps on 12-in. to 16-in. intervals.
  “We provide the frame, the door, and step mechanism for self-storing doors in concrete silos,” says Bruce Johnson, Wisconsin Silos. “We also have silo doors and hardware for concrete stave silos.”
  The replacement doors all meet American Society of Ag Engineering standards. The self-storing doors for poured-in-place, open-door column concrete silos replace older-style stacked doors where the doors or the metal across the opening deteriorates.
  Stave silo doors are made in all sizes to fit different makes of silos. The door steps are 16 in. wide and 15 in. apart with 7 in. of toe space. Locking latches are standard, and doors are made of tongue and groove cedar stapled with rust-resistant fasteners. Three different depth latches are available to match the OEM latch depths to ensure a tight seal.
  “Our latches are designed to lock, so they can’t be opened accidentally,” says Johnson. “They have to be unlocked to take the door out and to prevent accidentally kicking the door in when climbing.”
  Johnson advises calling for pricing depending on the type of silo and the hardware used. Prices generally range from $70 for a 3-bracket door for the company’s poured concrete silo to $200 for cedar doors with locking latches and steps. A fully installed system with door and hardware can run $250 per door. Johnson emphasizes that doors are key for operator safety and effective silage storage.
  “It’s important to have good doors and hardware when climbing a silo,” says Johnson. “Used doors are often available, but they can be unsafe, which is why we don’t deal with them.”
  Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Wisconsin Silos., 3700 Post Rd., Plover, Wis. 54467 (ph 715-570-0069; toll-free 800-472-9202; info@wisconsinsilos.com; www.wisconsinsilos.com).

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