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How To Add Duals To Your Garden Tractor
Chuck Shelato of High-Noon Duals has designed custom clamp-on duals for tractors. “To begin, I was trying to level out some dirt around our tree with a Husqvarna tractor,” he says. “While dragging an I-beam, or attempting to, I spent too much energy rocking side to side in the seat. I couldn’t make a lap without the rocking.”
Shelato attempted to find a supplier for duals to stabilize the tractor. When he came up short, he looked for ideas on YouTube. “There wasn’t much,” he says. “What I did find had flaws in the design or application. So, I made my first bolt-on style set of wheels.”
He posted pictures of the final product on Facebook, generating much interest. Some people messaged Shelato directly, and he made them custom sets. Over time, this expanded to several other styles of duals and custom spindle hubs. He also made his own fixtures for assembly and quality control.
A recent project was rear duals for the customer’s son’s project tractor. “He specifically asked for ready-to-ride options,” says Shelato. “It included tires, rims, extensions, and hubs.” Parts and materials cost nearly $1,000. Shelato estimates that he spent 4 hrs. researching for fittings specific to the tractor, 4 hrs. shopping and searching for materials, 3 hrs. fitting and welding the axle extensions, and 2 hrs. making the hubs and brushings before finally mounting the tires.
He’s taken on many projects since. “At this point, I do all of my production,” he says. “That helps tremendously in keeping cost down and marketing a guaranteed quality product.” Shelato takes commissions to build duals in-house and ships them to both coasts. He’s made them for both show tractors and working tractors, including the Kubota BX series, the JD 1000 series, front deck commercial mowers, and zero-turn mowers.
You can contact him directly for availability and pricing information. “My only advice to anyone who wants to make their own is to focus on concentricity.”
Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Chuck Shelato, High-Noon Duals, Salisbury, N.C. (ph 704-798-5014;  Facebook: High-Noon Duals).

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