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Yard Robot Tackles Outdoor Chores
The Yarbo 3-in-1 yard robot was designed and built by Yarbo Inc, a New York-based innovative technology company. It can work as a snow blower, lawnmower, and leaf blower, all with minimal human control.
    Yarbo operates through a wide-coverage wireless network that lets you control the robot and check its status from anywhere in your house. You can start and control it from the smartphone app and monitor its progress in real-time.
    The app offers different modes, depending on the work type, each with a separate working plan and map. You’ll first need to take the Yarbo for a “yard tour” to set up a virtual boundary. From there, it’s possible to add multiple working zones, no-go zones, and connecting paths between them. You can assign the robot multiple work zones at a time, so long as connecting paths exist between them. The robot is equipped with a PPVS (Precise Positioning Vision System) and an obstacle avoidance system, allowing it to operate in low light conditions and even complete darkness. Two front lights will alert others nearby that the Yarbo is working.
    The base Yarbo can be paired with three different attachments. The Lawn Mower M1 includes a built-in camera and sensors that can detect and avoid obstacles in its path. The large signal area coverage lets it manage multiple zones, and it can handle up to a 68-degree slope. The blades are adjustable for a cutting height that ranges from 1.2 in. to 4 in. When the job is done (or the battery is low), the Yarbo returns to its wireless power station. It also includes a portable charging station on top for personal electronics.
    The Blower B1 works for leaves and fallen debris. It has an airflow capacity of 424 cu. ft. per minute and a tube that rotates 360 degrees to ensure your leaves end up where you want them.
    The Snow Blower S1 is powerful enough for wet, dry, and packed snow. It boasts an adjustable throwing distance with a maximum of 40 ft. It has a 180-degree rotating shoot and 45-degree shoot angle. A vertically articulating attachment allows Yarbo to travel from a low surface to a high surface. The snow blower weighs 143 lbs., providing traction and flexibility for easier handling.
    Yarbo is powered by a lithium battery with a 1382Wh capacity. It takes about 2 hrs. to reach full charge, which may increase in cold conditions. Likewise, operating time varies considerably by task. The Snow Blower S1 can run for 90 mins. in a snow depth of 5 in., while the Lawn Mower M1 can run for 120 mins.
    The robot also comes with an anti-theft function through GPS tracking. If a Yarbo leaves its virtual boundary, the anti-theft system is triggered and sends alerts to the app, while the robot itself will issue a warning sound and flash its lights.
    Yarbo is available for pre-order for $6,999 plus $4,799 for the Snow Blower S1, $4,399 for the Lawn Mower M1, and $4,199 for the Blower B1.
    Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Yarbo, 1951 Ocean Avenue Unit 3, Ronkonkoma, N.Y. 11779 (ph 631-818-1850; contact@yarbo.com; www.yarbo.com).

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