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Carburetor Repair Kit For Deere 2-Cyl. Tractors
If you own an older Deere 2-cyl. tractor equipped with a single-barrel carburetor, you’ll be interested in this carburetor repair kit from Marvin Henry, Maywood, Neb.
“The single barrel carburetor on these tractors has a nut with a screw-on insert thread at the bottom that holds the bowl in place,” says Henry. “Any water that condenses in the gas tank eventually ends up in the bowl. If the water freezes, the ice expands and breaks off the stem bottom, making the carburetor useless. A new single-barrel carburetor for these tractors can sell for $300 or more. The part I make allows you to rebuild the stem bottom. You machine off the bottom of the bowl stem, then screw in the thread repair kit. The original nut is used to hold the carburetor bowl in place.”
The unit can be used on the Deere A, B, G, and D tractors, as well as on Marvel-Schribler DLX carburetors.
While demand can vary, Henry sells around three repair kits a month. “I’m surprised that even people up in Alaska and clear down to Texas will buy these kits from me,” says Henry. “But it makes sense. Both temperature extremes cause problems. The screws on tractors tend to rust in hotter climates, while in Alaska the problem is freezing.”
Each repair kit sells for $50, which includes shipping. It comes with an installation instruction sheet.
Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Marvin Henry, Box 9, Maywood, Neb. 69038 (ph 308-362-4251).

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