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New Device Makes Castration Easy
Castrating pigs is easy when done early, but every day that passes makes it harder. Carl Blake’s castration helper, the Nut Boss, makes it easy. The rare Swabian Hall hog breeder (Vol. 35, No. 1) tries to castrate pigs within 7 days of birth, but he admits there can be delays.
“The longer you wait, the more difficulty you have holding them down and making the cuts,” says Blake. “With the Nut Boss, there’s no muss, no fuss, and you’re done in seconds.”
The design, with its multiple curves, looks simple. Coming up with it wasn’t simple.
“I made 40 jigs before I had what I wanted,” says Blake. “I wanted it simple, easy to use, and able to be hung anywhere.”
The Nut Boss does what Blake wanted. Drop a piglet in above the rear bar, pull the back legs under the front bar and it’s secured. Once upside down in the Nut Boss, Blake notes that the pigs don’t squeal.
“Make two cuts, push up the ‘jelly beans’, and pull them out,” says Blake. “Spray with iodine, lift the piglet out, and let them go.”
Blake offers the tool in two sizes: small for pigs a week old and a larger size for pigs up to 25 lbs. The tool reduces the difficulty of the process and speeds things up. Blake notes that one satisfied customer was so excited at how well it worked, she even posted a video about it to YouTube.
“She called me excitedly after buying one of the tools,” he recalls. “She said it normally took her 8 to 9 hrs. to catch and castrate her pigs. With my tool, she did it all in 31 min.”
Making the tool out of stainless steel adds to the cost, but Blake feels the added expense is worth it. “It’ll never wear out or fall apart,” he says. “If it gets bent, just bend it back.”
The Nut Boss, including shipping, is priced at $49.99 for the small model and $59.99 for the large one. It’s one of several tools Blake has designed and sells, including a whole hog grill called the American Hotbox.
Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, American Hotbox, 703 S. Aurora St., Eldon, Mo. 65026 (ph 573-375-1111; Carl@americanhotbox.com; www.americanhotbox.com/product/the-nut-boss-small-version/).

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