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Solar-Heated Lap Pool
John Krueger built a lap pool heated by solar panels for his wife. The enclosed 8 by 16-ft. pool has two small pumps with outlets at one end that provide a current his wife can swim against as her preferred exercise.
  “We had an in-ground 16 by 32-ft., 8-ft. deep pool, but we needed to replace the liner,” says Kruger. “I decided to downsize it to a quarter its size and only 4 ft. deep.”
  The lap pool effect is provided by two swimming pool circulation pumps. A 3/4-hp. pump pushes water through one of three 2-in. pipes at one end of the pool. A 1-hp. pump pushes water through the other pipes.
  “The one pump is on a timer for filtration,” explains Kruger. “The other one just sits there until a current is needed.”
  Kruger fabricated the enclosure using pvc pipes for framing and metal siding for the exterior. Four translucent plexiglass roofing panels provide natural light.
  “The enclosure and the solar panel heated water give my wife an extra 2 to 3 mos. of swimming in our area,” says Kruger.
  Kruger got the four 4 by 8-ft. panels from an area nursery. Each panel is about 5 in. deep with a network of copper tubes over a black floor. Water circulates from the pool into the bottom of the panels, through the pipes, and back into the pool. Two 1/6-hp. pumps push water into the panels. When they shut off, water drains out of the panels and back into the pool.
  Kruger fixed the pool up for his wife but notes that grandkids and their friends enjoy it also. He enjoys it as well.
  “It’s nice to just back up against the pumps and let the water run against you,” he says.
  Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, John Krueger, 1112 County St. 2984, Blanchard, Okla. 73010 (ph 405-392-4796).

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