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Foldable Irrigation Boom Can Save Time And Water
Briggs Irrigation says its foldable 4-wheel Chassis Boom is the first of its kind.
  Their field boom measurements range from 154 ft. to 250 ft. with irrigated widths up to 350 ft. They’re towable and operational from either end of the chassis, saving time, plus 4-wheel steering lets the boom follow the tractor when being towed. All models feature a turntable for desired angle placement or rotation around obstacles.
  The equipment is steel and fully galvanized, ensuring a long lifespan.
  Units are easy to operate and have a unique single-person folding and stacking capability for quick field-to-road transport. Variations feature semi-automatic locking catches, allowing a single person to manipulate even the largest booms, according to Adrian Colwill, Briggs Irrigation Technical Sales Director.
  The Briggs boom can reduce water consumption by 20 percent compared to rain guns, plus apply water uniformly for more even crop growth. High flow rates deliver faster retraction, covering larger areas in less time. Combined with low-pressure operation, this reduces pumping costs and energy requirements, while putting less strain on the pipeline.
  An adjustment for large or small droplets can be made to reduce drift or minimize damage to delicate crops. The reduced impact from small droplets also diminishes soil capping and erosion.
  “The droplet size from the nozzles on the boom can be easily controlled by selecting from a wide range of sprinkler brands, nozzle sizes, and pressure regulators,” Colwill says. “The variety of sprinklers currently available means water can be applied as anything from a fine spray up to a heavy thunderstorm, and everything in between.”
  They can be operated with almost any make and size of hose reel and feature a self-leveling system to hold even the longest booms horizontally with the ground. An optional hydraulic feature can raise the boom to a working height of 3.1 m. for taller crops.
  The Briggs Irrigation 4-Wheel chassis booms are available and in operation throughout the world.
  Interested parties are encouraged to visit the company website for more information.
  Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Adrian Colwill, Briggs Irrigation, Boyle Road, Corby, Northants, England NN17 5XU (ph 0044 (0) 1536 260338; adrian@briggsirrigation.co.uk; www.briggsirrigation.co.uk).

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