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Farmall A Modified For Yardwork
Richard Theroux Jr. made several modifications to his Farmall A and turned it into a multi-purpose workhorse for use around his home acreage. Theroux says the tractor was originally designed for light-duty tillage, but now he uses it to shag logs in the woods, run a sawmill, pull trailers, grade his driveway, and plow snow.
“Sitting on the original seat was like sitting in a wok, so I took that one off and with a few modifications to the frame, replaced it with a comfortable seat from a riding lawn mower,” Theroux says. He moved the battery box from under the original tractor seat to the front of the tractor and built a plywood box frame in its place to store tools and other items.
Next, he cut apart the U-shaped drawbar and built a reinforced mounting system in the center to hold an electric winch. The beefed-up drawbar has tow hooks on each side and a sturdy triple-ball hitch in the middle. Metal shelving attached to the right fender holds mixed gas, bar oil, his chain saw, and tow chains. Flat storage next to the operator’s seat holds other tools.
Theroux built an undercarriage for the tractor to carry a grader blade and V-plow. He uses the electric winch and a cable system to raise, lower, and move the blades forward and back. Theroux made the concave v-blade by cutting apart a discarded electric water heater, welding brackets to the back, and mounting it to the undercarriage. He says the metal inner shell of the water heater tank was very strong and thick enough to weld without any bleed-through.
Theroux’s restored A is completely repainted, has new decals and tires, and now looks like a “factory build” that carries tools he uses to work around his yard.
Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Richard E. Theroux, Jr. (ricktheroux1958 on Instagram).

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