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His “New” Barn Uses Recycled Materials
Paul Miller of Gardner, Mont., had to rebuild his barn on higher ground in 2020 when the Yellowstone River flooded his old barn.
Miller is 78, struggles with Parkinson’s, and has a limited budget. So, he got creative.
He wanted to build a 16 by 20-ft. building, so started collecting what he needed. Miller found 30 free pallets, four used 8-ft. steel posts, 30 used 8-ft. 2 by 4’s, a couple of billboard tarps, and eight metal 2 by 4’s, and got to work.
At the new location corner, Miller put the 8-ft. post into the ground and drilled two holes into it to screw it to an upright 8-ft. 2 by 4. Then, Miller used the 3:4:5-triangle method to make a square corner.
“I put metal 2 by 4’s on the ground in a line along where the walls would be,” Miller says. “Then, I stacked and screwed the pallets together along the wall line and put an upright 2 by 4 screwed into every other pallet.”
The north wall is 8 ft. high by 20 ft. long. The south wall is 4 ft. high by 20 ft. long. The east wall supported the 8-ft. and 4-ft. walls.
“I ran 16-ft. stringers every 2-ft. from the north and south walls,” Miller says. “2-ft. 6-in. boards were screwed in and glued at a 45-degree angle between the 8-ft. wall and each stringer for extra support.”
The southwest face of the building is open. Miller put the billboard tarps over the north wall and roof stringers. Then, he screwed the tarps down with lath.
“With the roof slanting to the south, the building sheds snow very well, so there’s no heavy snow buildup,” he says.
Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Paul Miller, P.O. Box 862, Gardiner, Mont. 59030 (ph 406-581-0102; paul.j.miller@gmail.com).

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