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Walk-Behind Snow Blowers Mounted On Front-End Loader
To blow snow off his driveway, Russ McCallum first looked at manufactured blowers that connect to a tractor’s front, but many required the removal of the front-end loader for hook-up. Most also used driveshafts which limited their raised height.
  Because of these limitations, McCallum decided to build his own front-mounted unit to fit his Kubota 2370 tractor.
  He began by purchasing two used walk-behind Craftsman 10-hp., 28-in. gas-powered blowers from a scrap yard for $175 combined.
  “I removed the blower’s two original 110-volt motors and replaced them with two 12-volts pulled from lawn tractor engines,” says McCallum. “I hooked these up to start from my tractor’s cab. I also added a bigger pulley off the motors to speed things up and throw the snow farther.”
  He removed the drive systems from the blowers eliminating the power to the wheels, positioned them around a center divider, then fastened the pieces together with bolts and brackets.
  McCallum used actuators from an old car’s power seats to engage and disengage the augers and to turn the snow deflectors. 12-volt car wiper motors were adapted to rotate the chutes.
  To power the units, he mounted a control box in the cab containing 18 wires plus the positive and negative from the tractor. The units run independently with designated switches for starting and stopping the motors, engaging the augers, and controlling the chutes and deflectors.
  “I built a mounting bracket on the blowers to match the one on my tractor,” McCallum says. “I just take off my quick attach bucket, drive up to the blowers, put in two pins, and plug in the power cord from the tractor. Since there are no drive shafts, I can lift them as high as I want.”
  McCallum says time was his largest investment in the project, as the costs above the price of the scrap motors were minimal.
  Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Russell McCallum, 8868 Highway 2, Great Village, Nova Scotia, Canada B0M 1L0 (ph 902-890-1391; russie73@gmail.com).

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