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Shingle Lift Made Out Of Spare Parts
Jody Boyles says, “The shingle lifter I built was born out of necessity, and now I’m using it for other lifting projects to save my back.” The project came about because after he agreed to help a contractor shingle his sister-in-law’s house, he found out the shingles were unloaded in the front yard. They couldn’t find a telescoping lift to move them, and his loader’s bucket didn’t lift high enough to put them on the roof.
  Boyles solved the problem by sketching out a plan to extend the reach of his Massey loader with a boom and modified jib arm. Using scrap metal and old parts from his own yard, he made an 8-ft. long boom out of heavy-walled pipe. At one end, he welded 4-in. channel brackets that he bolts to the floor of the bucket. A slight bend about 1 ft. in from the opposite end of the boom and another bend about 3 ft. in create a slight arc. Those bend points are reinforced with gussets and rebar. A log chain extends from the base of the arc back to the top of the bucket to support the boom.
  Boyle welded pieces of angle iron together to produce a metal basket 3 ft. wide, 16 in. deep, and 2 ft. high. “A chain at the end of the boom attaches to metal straps on top of the basket and the loader raises it to 13 ft. high, which put the shingles right on the roof, exactly where we needed them,” Boyles says. The arc in the boom keeps the basket away from the front of the tractor. Boyles says, “The boom didn’t cost anything out of pocket, just my time, because I had all the metal parts at my place.”
  Boyles says the boom easily maneuvers the basket up, down, and away from the tractor with the dual-acting lift and tilt cylinders on his loader.
   Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Jody Boyles, 3795 34th St., Hamilton, Mich. 49419 (ph 616-566-5599; jodylboyles@gmail.com).

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