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Emergency Storage Made Permanent
When a tornado damaged his barn, John Krueger needed a place for tools and other equipment, and he needed it fast. An 8 by 8 by 40-ft. shipping container did the job. In short order, he added a second and then covered them both with a set of trusses and metal roofing. His short-term emergency storage became a workshop, storage unit, and a tractor shed.
“I set the two containers 12 ft. apart on railroad ties,” says Krueger. “Then I purchased Red Iron 30-ft. trusses and covered them with 26-ga. sheathing for roof and gable ends. The roof gets tractors and other equipment under cover while securing tools and supplies in the containers.”
Krueger set the shed next to 1940’s era shipping containers that he had stacked years ago and used as a silo for cattle feed. With the shed in place, he repurposed them.
“They were originally used for shipping radial engines,” he says. “Now I use them for fuel container storage. Stacking them was easy. I just bolted the flanged ends together. Being all steel, it’s a safe place to store fuel and other flammable fluids.”
The more modern shipping containers came equipped with double swinging doors at one end. Container floors are treated plywood and teak tongue and groove. Krueger added a walk-through door to one of the shipping containers for more convenient access. He outfitted it for a welding shop with 220 current. He also added a bathroom and wash station.
“My main shop near the house is over capacity,” says Krueger. “My son is a welder by trade but disabled. I hope he’ll be able to use it.”
Krueger also put the space above the containers and between the trusses to use. “It provides extra storage,” he says. “You never have enough room.”
Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, John Krueger, 1112 County St. 2984, Blanchard, Okla. 73010 (ph 405-392-4796).

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