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They Made An Electrical Pole From Spare Parts
“We made an inexpensive and simple aerial electrical mast for our fabric equipment shelter using parts from an old TV antenna tower, some extra black pipe, and various conduit pieces and fittings,” says Reid Allaway of Tourne sol Farm in Quebec.
“The mast uses random pieces of 2-in. threaded pipe that’s welded into the top section of a truss-type antenna tower. We welded gussets to spread the load through several truss layers,” Allaway says. “It’s completed with a 2-in. PVC weather head at the top and a 2-in. LB elbow into weathertight conduit at the base. This allowed us to set up a sub panel supplied with 60A 240VAC that we use to run fans for our onion dryer. We can also plug in tractor block heaters and battery chargers for electric vehicles and tools.”
Allaway says the cooperative always wanted power in the shelter but couldn’t justify having an expensive installation done using a new pole and new electrical equipment. “Once I realized we had a used breaker panel on hand and could build a quick and simple mast to span the driveway, the project became a lot more affordable.”
The TV mast is bolted securely to a concrete footing and anchored to the outside arch of the hoop building. With an overall height of 15 ft., the mast is tall enough to elevate wires above the roadway and secure enough to hold electrical wire extending to another building across the driveway.
Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Reid Allaway, Tourne-Sol Co-operative Farm, 1025 Chemin St Dominique, les Cedres, Quebec, Canada J7T 1P5 (ph 450-452-4271; info@fermetournesol.qc.ca; www.fermetournesol.qc.ca).

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