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Old Play Equipment Helps Feed Goats
Roger Braddock’s goats have great access to feed thanks to a couple of pieces of play equipment he repurposed. An old trampoline keeps the hay dry, and the goats dine on grain in a trough made from a slide.
“I needed a round bale cover for my goats to keep it out of the rain,” Braddock notes.
So, he removed the tarp and springs from the trampoline and pulled the frame apart into two pieces. He connected the four legs of each half with muffler clamps and tied a tarp over the top. It’s light enough to move around and there’s plenty of room for a big round bale. For further protection from the weather, he placed an old car hood on the bale.
“It’s stable enough so high wind never bothers it,” Braddock says, noting he only has four goats so one bale lasts about a year because he also feeds them canebrake. The goats like to hang out under the shelter around the bale.
To feed his three does sweet feed, he bent a 6-ft. galvanized slide after placing a pipe in the middle to help shape a feed trough. The ends are pinched together, and to hold the sides apart he inserted all-thread rod inside holes drilled through short dowel pieces. He drilled holes in the sides of the slide and used nuts to secure the dowels in place.
“I keep everything portable because I need to move things around, so I put ropes on it to hang it, and it works out well,” Braddock says.
Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Roger Braddock, 104 State Rt. 185, Dyer, Tenn. 38330 (ph 731-478-7715; rogerndiana@gmail.com).

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