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No-Ground Fencing Protects Against Bears, Other Predators
Kencove Farm Fence Supplies’ Posi/Neg net fencing is designed to protect livestock, poultry or bees from all kinds of predators, including bears. Even in dry regions where electric fencing is often ineffective, the easy-to-install netting keeps livestock in and predators out.
Instead of standard electric fencing that requires a ground rod to complete the circuit with moisture from the soil, Posi/Neg netting has alternating electrified (orange) and non-electrified (green ground) strands. Animals are shocked when they make contact with both strands. Clips make it easy to connect the netting to a low-impedance charger or solar charger. The clips also connect sections of netting (50 ft. or 164 ft.). The energizer must have at least .25 output joule per 164 ft. to be effective, so 1 joule is enough for four sections of the net fencing.
“Another advantage is that in hard rocky soil or cold frozen ground there is no need to hammer a ground rod in the ground, so you keep your chores quicker and more time efficient,” says Ashley Sloan, marketing manager for Kencove.
Besides working well in dry conditions, the fencing can be grounded like standard electric fencing. With double-spiked step-in posts built into the strands, customers appreciate the fence’s portability for rotational grazing and protecting beehives from bears, for example.
The netting comes with different spacing between strands for different purposes, and the strands are closer together near the ground to deter smaller animals. The NSG12X model works well for keeping bears away from beehives ($209 for 164 ft.).
“Bears have dense coats and can sometimes sneak through fencing due to their natural insulation. Posi/Neg fencing takes that factor out of the equation and grounds the bear as soon as they contact both a hot and a ground strand,” Sloan says.
Other versions of the netting (28 to 48 in. tall) can be used for gardens, orchards, pets and livestock. One person can easily install the fencing.
The U.S.-made netting uses stainless steel conductors and has vertical stays made from a semi-rigid material to prevent it from sagging or shorting out. Check out their website for how-to videos.
Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Kencove Farm Fence, 344 Kendall Rd., Blairsville, Penn. 15717 (ph 800-536-2683; sales@kencove.com; www.kencove.com).

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