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Reader Shares Shop Ideas
Reader Shares Shop Ideas
Vern Desotell of Clarissa, Minn., says, Ive been a FARM SHOW reader for nearly 30 years. If I cant sleep, I read old stories over and over again. I like the handy hints that people send in because they are such good ideas. I wanted to share some things Ive built that might be helpful to other readers.
I made a 14 by 18-ft. tip-up steel shop door out of miscellaneous parts. The lift cylinders are from an old IH tractor and for the power unit, I used an electric motor that runs at 1,275 rpms. That was too fast, so I geared it down with the head from an old barn cleaner. That slows it down three times. I made three door hinges from the pivot points on a moldboard plow. Theyre really strong and work very well. The door raises in about 15 seconds, which is plenty fast.
I came up with a special vent to keep smoke from billowing in my face every time I opened up my wood burner to add wood. I bolted a U-shaped tunnel to the side of the building. Its probably 3 to 4 ft. long, so its above the roof. I mounted an electric fan on top of the tunnel and connected power to the light switch, so when I flip on the light, the fan starts running and sucks the smoke away from my face.
The motor on my Skil saw burned out and a new one would have been way too expensive, so I came up with another idea. I emptied the motor casing and cut a slot in the outside and put a different electric motor on that runs the belt to my scroll saw.
I built a 14 ft. wide by 16 ft. long by 7 ft. tall storage shed using a large metal door frame that I got from a local care center that was being remodeled. I welded the pieces together and used 2 by 4 studs and 16 penny nails through the door frames. The roof and side walls are steel, and I put salvaged windows in for light. It was flimsy before I added the side walls, but now its real sturdy and its a nice little building.
Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Vern Desotell, 39825 225th Ave., Clarissa, Minn. 56440.

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