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Pull-Type Bale Handler Carries, Stacks Up To Three Big Bales
"My 2-wheeled bale mover-stacker loads and transports three round bales or two big square bales at a time. It lifts high enough to stack two high, load onto wagons, or drop into a bale feeder," says Ervin Matzke, Rochester, Minn..
The heavy-built rig operates off tractor hydraulics and is equipped with two sets of bale-lift forks. Each set of forks operates independently to allow for picking up, stacking, or dumping bales one or two at a time. Retracting the lift cylinders brings the bales to rest on a pair of self-leveling steel frames. By placing one bale on top of two that are already on the ground, you can lift three round bales at a time. The rig is equipped with four hydraulic cylinders - two for lifting bales and two for tilting them. All operations are con-trolled by a 3-way adjustable valve mounted on front that can be reached from the tractor seat.
"It eliminates the need for a front-end loader and prevents damage caused by bales bouncing on your tractor's front end or 3-pt. hitch," says Matzke. "The self-leveling action keeps the weight of the bales over the axle."
Flashers and a slow moving vehicle sign are visible under the bales in transport. A 7,000-lb. adjustable jack lets you park the trailer even when it's loaded.
Sells for $4,990 which includes an adjustable hitch with clevis - a pintle or ball hitch is optional. An optional electric hydraulic pump and reservoir is available for use with pickups and sells for $886.
Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Ervin Matzke, Bale-Hand, Box 7225, Rochester, Minn. 55903 (ph 800 369-0482).

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