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Modified Case-IH Planter Handles 15-In Rows
Last fall Marion Calmer, Alpha, Ill., attracted a lot of attention when he unveiled his first-of-its-kind 15-in. row corn head. FARM SHOW recently got a look at the planter setup he's using to put in 15-in. corn.
He pulls a Case-IH 955 15-in. corn planter behind a Yetter coulter cart equipped with a pair of tanks for applying phosphorus in the row. A DMI NutriPlacer 1000 rig, equipped with a tank carrying 1,100 gal. of 28% nitrogen, rides ahead of the coulter cart. The nitrogen is applied 2 in. to either side of the corn rows and 3 in. deep.
Surface residue can cause a lot of problems in 15-in. rows so Calmer mounted Auscherman spring-loaded row cleaners ahead of the row units, and also set back every other row unit on the planter for improved trash clearance.
He also moved the seed modules in and up, raising them 12 in. to provide more room to work and a beter angle on the seed tubes. Seed is blown at a 45 degree angle instead of horizontally for more accurate seed placement.
Calmer injects all of his nitrogen at planting time, applying about 120 lbs. of 28 percent nitrogen.
A harrow is pulled behind the planter.
For more information, contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Marion Calmer, 550 N. Knox, Alpha, Ill. (ph 309 334-2609).

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