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“No Chain” Bale Chopper
A New Zealand Company says its “no chain” bale chopper makes daily feeding chores easier.
“The focus is on simplicity,” says Lance Paskewitz, Hustler Equipment. “We tried to reduce or eliminate the wear and tear of moving parts.”
He says simplicity means fewer breakdowns and the chainless balers are powered by hydraulics.
“That means less horsepower and fuel consumption,” Paskewitz says. “Our mounted chainless bale processors can feed anything from dry hay to bailage and square or round bales.”
“When you want to load up a new bale, simply drive up to the haystack and lower the table. Then, a hidden system of three integrated bales spears allows you to spear the bale and lift it onto the unit,” he says.
The bales sit on a lift tray that moves up and down with hydraulics. The tray moves the bale into two rotating drums with flails. The drums are a patented rotor system with 3-to-1 timing.
“The top rotor is spinning three times faster than the bottom rotor,” Paskewitz says. “It’s teasing the hay, fluffing it up, and making it more palatable. We aren’t chopping it up and losing those nutritional leaves or grain heads.”
He says one of the advantages of the chainless baler is there aren’t any spare parts farmers need on hand. Even the teeth are made of steel that manufacturers use on the cutting edge of bulldozer buckets.
“Farmers have fed up to 35,000 bales through these chainless machines,” Paskewitz says. “There’s not a lick of paint left on the rotors, but they still look brand new.”
The bale choppers can either be 3-pt. mounted or front-end loader mounted,” he says.
This feeder is loader-mounted and allows producers to reach over the fence and unload 200 lbs. in one pen and 100 lbs. into another one, reducing waste.
Prices for chainless bale feeders typically run between $15,000 and $25,000. The company has dealers spread throughout the U.S. and Canada, with the dealer locations available on the website.
The company’s original headquarters are in New Zealand, and the U.S. headquarters are in Lakeville, Minn.
Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Lance Paskewitz, Hustler Equipment, 21405 Hamburg Ave., Lakeville, Minn., 55044 (ph 612-351-4885; sales.na@hustlerequipment.com; www.hustlerequipment.com).

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