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Non-Toxic Bait Controls Rat Fertility
Killing rats doesn’t work if you want to control rat infestations because they breed so fast. You have to control their fertility. That’s the logic behind ContraPest rat contraception. Conventional poisons are a threat to pets, children and wildlife. Plus, while they may knock rat populations down, they won’t knock them out.
“Kill all the rats in your area but one pair, and within a year they will produce 15,000 offspring and as many as half a billion in 3 years,” says Ken Siegel, SenesTech, maker of ContraPest. “Poison can’t kill fast enough or extensively enough to eliminate the problem. Control their fertility, and the population will drop by 94 percent.”
Unlike with poison, it’s what you don’t see that tells you ContraPest is working. Instead of dead rats, users report fewer rat sightings over time. At first, users don’t even see the liquid bait level go down.
“It takes time for the rats to get acclimated to ContraPest,” says Siegel. “Once they get used to it, they’ll drain the bait stations fast. As the population starts to decline over the first 3-mo. period, consumption falls off.”
Siegel cautions that you never say you have zero population of rats with any type of control. However, if you are down to one or two sightings a month, population levels are considered close to undetectable.
Getting to that level requires placing bait stations in the right location. Siegel advises searching out trails and locations in a building or set of buildings where rats are likely to be found.
“We look for key transit or forage areas and place bait stations there,” says Siegel. “Check every 1 to 2 weeks to note consumption and adjust locations or the number of bait stations.”
ContraPest is a non-toxic liquid contraceptive composed of a biological component and an industrial chemical. The active ingredients are included in a sweet, fatty liquid formula that appeals to rats. Once the rat drinks it, the active ingredients interact with the metabolism within 15 min. and begin to affect fertility. The more that is consumed, the greater the result, with infertility a cumulative effect.
“ContraPest is effective on any mammal,” explains Siegel. “It’s just a question of the level needed. It’s equally effective on both male and female reproductive systems.”
SenesTech makes ground-level bait stations designed to attract Norway rats. A starter kit with a ground station with a month’s supply of ContraPest (13 1/2 oz.) and feeder trays is $79.99.
Currently, the company is selling bait stations and bait direct, as well as through select pest management professionals. However, they are working with a major ag distributor and others for general distribution.
Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, SenesTech, 23460 N. 19th Ave., Suite 110, Phoenix, Ariz. 85027 (ph 928-779-4143; toll-free 866-866-7287; www.contrapeststore.com).

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