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Tunnel Shutters Driven By Rack And Pinion Drives
Tunnel ventilation doors that open inward into poultry and hog barns have long been the standard in the farming industry, says Theodore Brandley of Diversified Ag.
  “Tunnel doors work fine, but their issue is that, when open, air travels up to the ceiling where it mixes with the hot air, wasting much of the cooling efficiency,” says Brandley.
  Eight years ago, together with his son Ari, Brandley designed and patented tunnel shutters to replace ventilation doors. Diversified Ag. is now the sole distributor in the U.S. of their exclusive drive system.
  The tunnel shutters open outward until flat, creating a laminar airflow that’s directed onto the birds instead of up into the ceiling. They’re also practical for greenhouses, hog and dairy barns.
  Their unique rack and pinion drives are fitted with limit switches providing the exact torque and speed to properly operate the shutters. 1/4 and 1/3-hp. electric motors power sprockets, or pinions that drive the rack to open and close the shutters. A single motor can operate up to 120 ft. of shutters. Single or triple phase, plus 110 or 220 volts are available.
  “The limit switches on the gears can be set for open and closed, making the system automatic,” Brandley says. “We also market and sell the controller, which can be run manually or set to activate the shutters using temperature and humidity parameters.”
  Shutters are 4 ft. wide and fit together like a Lego set. Heights of 4, 5 or 6 ft. can be selected, depending on requirements. Panels are 2-in. thick galvanized or painted steel and carry an insulation factor of R9. Stainless steel shutters are available for hog barns.
  “The longer your barn is, the lower the cost per foot,” Brandley says. “The same drive can run 20 ft. or 100 ft. For longer lengths, we put a drive on both ends. You can mix and match to fit the application.”
  The shutters are manufactured in China to retain a competitive cost with the gears built in Israel. Motors are American-made. Full systems are available throughout North America.
  Brandley suggests customers contact Diversified Ag. or one of their distributors for prices and shipping details.
  Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Theodore Brandley, Diversified Ag., 556 Industrial Way West, Eatontown, N.J. 07724 (ph 770-301-6982; info@diversifiedag.com; www.tunnelshutters.com; www.diversifiedag.com).

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