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He Uses Butternut For Wood Carvings
Paul Weaver is an accomplished furniture maker and 3D wood carver whose artwork is displayed at Lehmanís Country Store in Kidron, Ohio.
  Weaver, whoís Amish, has whittled his whole life. He first got serious about woodcarving after attending a one-week carving course where he learned the fundamentals of carving detailed images of people, buildings, clouds, and more with realistic shadowing.
  He initially used mahogany wood for his carvings but quickly learned it wasnít suitable for bringing out detail within the wood. Weaver soon switched to butternut and found his carvings came to life. Itís been his preference ever since.
  Butternut wood is lighter colored than black walnut and itís soft and lightweight. Woodcarvers love it because it gives easily without being brittle and has a beautiful grain pattern. Butternut also allows light and shadows to interact for a visually stunning effect.
  For his carvings, Weaver likes to use a block of butternut thatís 7-in. thick. This provides ample space for carving detail without the complications that come with cutting deeper.
  Heíll then glue the picture he wants to carve onto the wood block and carve out the deepest features, such as the sky and horizon. Heíll work his way out to the front, carefully measuring out details, like houses, that need precise proportions in order to look right. Though he has more than 100 chisels at the ready in his studio, he uses medium size chisels for most of his work.
  Weaver doesnít draw the images he carves but instead selects art that resonates with him. He tends to favor religious scenes and classic Americana that depicts rural people going about their daily lives. Many have come from his favorite artist, John Sloane.
  Weaver works on his carvings for several hours a day, three to five days a week. He estimates that it takes him three months to produce most carvings. Weaver makes furniture for a living and only carves as a hobby, focusing on the scenes he chooses with his wife.
  Many of Weaverís carvings are currently displayed at Lehmanís County Store in Kidron, Ohio, as well as in his home studio. Lehmanís hosts a meet and greet event with Paul Weaver every fourth Saturday of the month. From 9:30-2:30, store visitors can meet with Paul and learn more about the background of his creative process.
  Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Lehmanís County Store, 4779 Kidron Rd., Kidron, Ohio 44618 (ph 800-438-5346; www.lehmans.com).

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