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Make Your Own V-Belts
Now, thanks to Veelos snap-together link V-belting, you can make "exact size" V-belt replacements right in the field in a matter of seconds.
Veelos link V-belting is made of individual links that snap together by hand. If a regular endless V-belt breaks, you simply whip out a stock length of Veelos and, in seconds, snap together an "exact size" temporary replacement to keep the machine rolling until you can get to town to buy a new belt. If you measured wrong and the Veelos replacement section is an inch too long or short, just remove or add a link to make it fit exactly.
This snap-together feature may be just what you're looking for if you've got a particular V-Belt that's in a tight spot and almost impossible to replace without dismantling the machine or drive motor. With Veelos belting, which can serve as a permanent belt in many applications, you can thread the belt into position, then snap it together without having to remove outboard bearings, or having to tilt, reset or move the drive motor.
Generally, a Veelos belt that's been tensioned loses its tension and can't be reused - unless it's reused in a light load situation. The belting, manufactured by Manheim Mfg. and Belting Co., 311 West Stiegel St., Manheim, Penn., comes in 0, A, B or C widths. Stocking these four sizes can replace up to 316 different sizes of endless V-Belts, says the manufacturer. Width varies from 3/8 (size 0) to 7/8 in. (size C).
A narrow Veelos belt may work as a temporary replacement on pulleys designed for a wider belt. If the pulleys are too wide, the belt may run twisted but may still serve as a "pinch hit" replacement until a new regular replacement can be obtained. Running an idler or tightner running against the back or rivet side of the belting generally doesn't cause any problems.
Veelos link V-belting is widely used in industry. It's generally shipped and sold in 100 ft. reels, which is probably more than you'd want to buy and keep on hand for emergency replacement of regular endless V-belts. However, FARM SHOW has located a firm which will make up a sample kit of B size Veelos (21/32 in. wide) and a Veelos plier, which makes it easy to connect individual links. If you'd like to try this 15 ft. long sample, send your check for $37.50 to: Industrial Supply Co., 1100 Third Ave. So., Minneapolis, Minn. 55409.

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