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Clip Holds Pens Or Pencils Tight
“The Jerry Clip is designed to eliminate the frustration of not having a writing instrument, which we’re all familiar with,” says Jerry Clip inventor Gerald Mullen.
The idea came about for a simple reason: “I have very narrow ears on the top, and I can’t put a pencil or pen up there without it falling out,” he says. “Plus, I wear hearing aids.
“I was building a shed behind the house a couple of years ago, and every time I turned around, the pencil slipped out from under the brim of my hat,” he says. “I wasn’t getting a lot done because I kept looking for my pencil.”
At the end of the long day, Mullen was sitting on his porch and looking at a metal ball marker that golfers use on the course. He thought if the marker could be turned into a U-shape and attached to a hat or glasses with a magnet, a pen or pencil would always be secure.
“We could add it to a hard hat, soft cap, or even the frame of someone’s glasses,” Mullen says. “That was the genesis of the idea in 2017, and I’ve been working on it ever since.”
Jerry Clips can be purchased on the company website.
“If you’re wearing a soft hat such as a cap, it attaches right on the sweatband,” he says. “There’s a magnet inside the sweatband secured by double-sided Velcro tape. The clip attaches to that, and the pen or pencil attaches to the clip.
“If it’s a hard hat, it’s more of a permanent addition to the hat,” Mullen says. “Double-sided industrial Velcro tape is affixed to The Jerry Clip and the magnet.
The Jerry Clip for eyeglasses is a little different design, but it still attaches at the temple by a magnet.
Mullen, a retired Air Force veteran, can be creative with The Jerry Clip and add a special logo or design on it.
“I have the Air Force logo on mine,” he says. “If you’re a union member, you could put your union logo on there. If you’re a patriotic person, we could put the U.S. flag on your Jerry Clip.”
The Jerry Clip for a soft or hard hat is $13.91. The eyeglasses clip is $14.79. Sleeves sell at $1.79. S&H is additional.
Contact FARM SHOW Followup, Gerald Mullen, 256 Heather Drive S., Mantua, N.J., 08051 (ph 609-670-5334; thejerryclip@aol.com; www.thejerryclip.com).

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