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Tire Sealant Does More Than Stop Leaks
Preventing leaks may be the main reason that farmers and truckers fill their tires with LiQuiTube, but the tire sealant does much more, says Dennis Belanger, sales manager for the Carterville, Ill., company.
    Made with antifreeze and a proprietary blend of fibers and ground plastic particles, and pumped into a tire after removing the valve stem core, LiQuiTube thoroughly coats the inside of the tire. Then, if the tire is punctured, it quickly seals holes up to 3/4-in. in diameter (in heavy ply industrial tires).
    “It stays liquid, with the consistency of a Dairy Queen Blizzard® treat. It takes about a half to one second to seal the hole,” Belanger says. “Other products dry out, then leak. With us it’s a permanent fix.”
    U.S-made LiQuiTube has been on the market since 1990 and is commonly used at semi dealerships and in mining equipment. It’s private labeled for companies such as Kubota, Polaris and Toro. The sealant is effective for tires on slower traveling vehicles such as ATVs. For higher speeds on the highway, tires need to have at least a 19-in. rim or be 10 ply (E-rated). For about $10/tire, LiQuiTube premium seals 1/2-in. holes in 10-ply pickup truck tires.
    The sealant ensures about 90 percent less flats and offers other benefits as well. Tires are better balanced and are never underinflated. And LiQuiTube adds 30 percent longer tire life, partly because tires run 35 degrees cooler in the summer. Because it contains antifreeze, LiQuiTube also works in cold weather.
    “What people appreciate most is time savings,” Belanger says. “Saving down time is huge, above the cost of repair.” Farmers in the midst of harvest don’t have time to waste fixing tires. And truckers hauling livestock through desert areas can’t risk a flat tire, for example.
    LiQuiTube is non-corrosive and washes off the rim easily with water.
    It can be found in all the major semi-truck dealerships and at a variety of big box, farm and ranch, and auto stores. It is also available in bulk in 55-gal. drums and 275-gal. totes.
    In addition to LiQuiTube premium, the company sells Ballast Sealant, a less concentrated version meant to mix 1/10 with calcium chloride, beet juice or other ballast media used in tractor wheels.
    Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, LiQuiTube, 11521 Kevin Lane, Carterville, Ill. 62918 (ph 303-483-5750; dennis@liquitube.com; www.liquitube.com).

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