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Bale Monitor Helps Adjust On The Fly
The Baler Performance Monitor BPM-101 from AgXcellence helps make perfect bales. The stroke/flake counter helps ensure bales are uniform in length and weight. First introduced in 2014, it’s been updated with new options. However, it still works with any small square baler, old or new.
“We’ve gone to a custom-made monitor for easier viewing, even if wearing sunglasses,” says Greg Hutchinson, AgXcellence. “We also added an optional moisture sensor and a GPS ground speed sensor for use with older tractors or self-propelled balers without GPS. The ground speed sensor lets the operator know how fast to go for current conditions and the correct speed to return to after turning at the end of a windrow.”
The Baler Performance Monitor counts flakes as they are made - flakes per minute and flakes per bale. Unlike competitive after-market bale monitors, it also displays the flake count for the last four bales made.
“Competitive stroke counters will tell you the number of strokes in the last bale,” explains Hutchinson. “Seeing the past four bales provides the operator a window to see how conditions in the field are changing so they can adjust ground speed accordingly.”
He notes that the monitor makes it easier and faster to train new operators. Uniform bale length and weight are vital for hay exporters, and the BPM-101 helps even an inexperienced operator make them right.
Hutchinson designed his first bale monitor after working as an OEM technician. He knew he could build a simpler and more dependable system than either OEM or other existing after-market units.
“Competing after-market suppliers all require mounting magnets for their sensors,” says Hutchinson. “We bolt sensors in place that measure the ferrous material passing by, with one at a sprocket gear of the knotter to get strokes per minute and another over the needle yoke to catch completion of the bale.”
The optional moisture sensor was at the request of past customers. Staying within an optimal moisture range is as important to hay producers in high humidity areas as it is low.
“We offer pads for use on either or both sides of the bale chamber,” says Hutchinson.
Each pad adds $119.99 to the $1,299.99 price of the standard Baler Performance Monitor. The GPS ground speed sensor is $299.99. With all options, the monitor tops out at $1,720.
“The monitor is designed so the user can buy it without any options and add them later,” says Hutchinson. “We’ve sold them throughout the U.S. and shipped some to Canada and Australia.”
Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, AgXcellence, 5650 Badger Pocket Rd., Ellensburg, Wash. 98926 (ph 509-316-5095; gregh@agxcellence.com; www.AgXcellence.com).

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