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Vac Designed To Suck Up Mulch
The Visionary Equipment Mulch Vac 3000 is Charlie Van Dusartz’s solution for picking up mulch, leaves and other debris. “My dealers were saying there was no vacuum to clean up playground and landscape mulch,” he explains. “We now make skid steer and gas-powered, stand-alone models.”
The header takes a 36-in. swath sucking mulch up through a hose into a 1/3-yard hopper that opens to empty. For smaller areas or final cleanup, the Vac has a wand similar to a carpet vacuum with an 8-in. diameter hose. It can be used to fill 8 or 12-in. silt socks for erosion control at the rate of 36 ft. in 50 seconds.
The vac also has a blower for moving leaves and other debris.
Municipalities and landscape contractors have been interested in the Mulch Vac and some have used it for other purposes. The vac can pick up plastic debris. And one City maintenance manager used it to clean up aluminum cans after a party.
Both models sell for about $15,000 and are made in Wisconsin.
The vacuum/blower fits well with the Cone Splitter that Van Dusartz began manufacturing more than 15 years ago. It breaks up large tree stumps that are too big for chip grinders (FARM SHOW Vol. 31, No. 5). Over the years, several different sized models have been added, from mini-skid versions to an excavator model.
Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Visionary Equipment, U.S. Pride Products, 1516 110th Ave., Hammond, Wis. 54015 (ph 715-760-0907; charlie@visionaryequipment.com).

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