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Powerful New Light Lights Up On-Half Acre
You can light up one-half acre with just one powerful new Bosch "Kiruna" flood lamp mounted on your tractor or combine.
"It gives as much light as four sealed beams, yet draws fewer amps than one sealed beam," says Indiana farmer Paul Morris, of Versailles, who, after using the light on his own tractors and combine, started taking orders from neighbors.
"I tell farmers to try one and see for themselves. In almost every case, they're back within a week or two for additional lights to put on other tractors and combines," Morris told FARM SHOW. "Because of its low amperage, you eliminate burned out circuit breakers and other related wiring problems usually encountered with conventional sealed beams."
The Bosch "Kiruna" can be tied into the existing wiring, or you can run a separate wire. "If you do a lot of road work, I'd recommend wiring it separate so you can turn it off. It's too bright and will blind oncoming drivers if used on the road."
Fluted glass on the lamp directs the light pattern down, and out. "On a combine, one light will illuminate a pattern 75 ft. wide and 300 ft. long. As a rule of thumb, we suggest one light for each 13 ft. of header width. After combining, you can take the light off and use it for nighttime fall tillage. On tractors equipped with saddle tanks, the tanks often block the regular fender lights. The problem is easily solved by mounting a Bosch ŠKiruna' up front," says Morris.
Mounting of the light can be upright, horizontal or suspended. Its privoting base allows for 360? rotation, 8? forward tilt and 45? backward tilt.
Sells for $45.
For more information, contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Paul Morris, Rt. 1, Box 27, Versailles, Ind. 47042 (ph 812 689-5620).

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