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New Super Ears For Fix-It Listening
Before tractor cabs came along, you could listen for unusual sounds that might indicate lack of lubrication, bearing malfunctions or other impending failure in equipment. But today, sound-proof cabs isolate you from most equipment noise and, by the time you can hear trouble, it's too late.
Now, space age electronics permits you to "listen in" on bearings, valves, hydraulic components and other machine parts to pinpoint trouble before it gets serious.
Link Laboratories, Kansas City, Mo., has introduced a fix-it listening device called the Motorprobe which lets you detect bearing or valve noise, leaks in tires or in gas or air lines, and similar problems before they become loud enough to detect normally.
The operator using the Motorprobe wears a pair of headphones while using the hand-held probe. A long "snout" on the end of the probe is placed directly against whatever part is being monitored. Just by holding the probe against a running engine, for example, you can tell if the valves are operating properly. The Motor-probe sells for $121.50.
For more information, contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Link Laboratories, Box 7243, Kansas City, Mo. 64113 (ph 816 221-3562).
Techsonics of Taos, New Mexico,has developed the Son-Tector, a listener that hears only high frequencies ultrasonic sound. According to the company, ultrasonic sound is easier to pinpoint than normal sound because it picks up sound only from the trouble spot and is not confused with background noises.
The Son-Tector can be used to check bearings, valve and piston blow-by, air brake systems, cam and tappet assemblies for excess clearance or lack of lubrication, gear strain, arcing within an electrical cable, arcing brushes and slip rings due to dirt or wear, and arcing of contactors due to dirt or pitting.
The Son-Tector, as with the Motor-probe, requires no special training to operate. Manuals come with both units but you'll probably have to experiment for awhile to learn to distinguish sounds. For instance, well lubricated bearings in good condition have a soft whirring sound. Bearings needing grease have a scraping or scratching sound, while those with flat spots or nicks cause a grating, or clicking noise.
The battery-powered Son-Tector sells for $459.
For more information, contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Techsonics, Box 251, El Prado, NM, 87529 (ph 505 758-4555).

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