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Forage Box Unloads From The Front Or Rear, Controlled In-Cab
No more climbing in and out of the cab with the new 2100 series forage box from Art’s Way Manufacturing. The independently-controlled hydraulic system puts the operator in full control of the box from his tractor seat. You can control front or rear unload, starting and stopping the cross conveyer, and adjusting apron chain speed all from the cab.
The new model is fast, too. “The box unloads from the front in 4 min. and in only 1 min. from the rear,” says Art’s Way engineer Izac Roberts, noting that you can also unload from the front and rear at the same time.
The 2100 series forage boxes are currently available in 18 and 20-ft. lengths. Additional sizes will be introduced later this year.
The boxes are built to withstand the challenges of forage handling. “Side material is 20-ga., type 1, aluminized steel, offering great corrosion resistance. Unlike galvanized steel, it is completely lead free,” says Roberts. “The 20-ga. material is twice as thick as material used by other manufacturers and adds to side strength between the 2 by 5-in. uprights.”
The CAN bus in-cab control system includes its own display/control box. It appeals to a wide customer base that may not have ISOBUS systems. Other control options are being developed and will be released in the near future.
In addition to the new in-cab control system, the 2100 series underwent extensive redesign and streamlining. With the modular design, it is easier to add or remove a roof or extension box post purchase.
“Many common components are shared across different box lengths and unload configurations,” says Roberts. “This makes it possible to maintain a large inventory of units that can be configured to customer needs and delivered faster.”
Streamlining also eliminated a high number of complicated drive components. Open the shielding and a lot of blank space is now apparent. This has reduced the number of parts that need to be maintained, saving customers time and money.
List price for the sizes and configurations currently available ranges from $43,839 to $67,775. Roberts adds that additional sizes and configurations available later this year will provide a lower entry price point.
Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Art’s Way Manufacturing, 5556 Hwy 9, Armstrong, Iowa 50514 (ph 712 864-3131; www.artsway-ag.com; www.artsway-mfg.com).

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