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His Inventions Finance Themselves
Kevin Poole is a self-professed idea guy with a propensity for solutions...and patents. To turn an idea into a patented product takes money, and he has invented a solution for that as well.
“I see a need, get an idea and create a solution,” says Poole. “To cover the cost of patenting the idea, I sell an interest in it.”
Poole uses his tools, and some are for sale. In other cases, he and his investors are looking for partnering companies to fabricate and market the solutions.    
Here are a few of Poole’s inventions:
Wonka Weaning Machine
The Wonka Weaning Machine helps reduce the stress on weaning calves and cows. It is quickly installed in any pipe gate, allowing calves to cross into a neighboring paddock. Once it has been in use for a while, drop the cross bar in place.
    “The cow and calf can still see each other and don’t get excited,” says Poole. “Out of hundreds weaned this way, I’ve had only a couple that bawled for a couple of days.”
Pharm Huggy
Sometimes a partially filled, refrigerated animal medication has to be thrown out due to warming while in use. The Pharm Huggy is like a can koozie, but for medication bottles. A freezer cold pack in the base keeps medications cool up to 8 hrs., while a cap keeps the bottle secure, yet accessible for a syringe. Four adapter inserts match common bottle sizes. Sized to fit standard cup holders to keep medicine secure in vehicles or tractors, Pharm Huggy has a built-in magnet for quickly attaching to metal surfaces.
Beef Box
Keeping home delivered beef frozen is a problem Poole solved with the Beef Box. Its graphite sides are large enough to hold a carcass worth of beef cuts. The combination lock keeps beef secure, while the 15 lbs. of dry ice will keep it frozen for up to 3 days. Poole delivers his Beef Box using the roll-back truck used to deliver hay, dropping it off in customers’ driveways. He returns at a later date to pick up the empty box.
Chains N Things
Chains N Things slips over the arm of a loader to carry log chains and a chainsaw safely on a loader tractor. Four rare earth magnets and ratchet straps hold it in place. Chains wrap on 2 prongs, while 2 clevis fasteners can be pinned to the steel plate. A steel sleeve holds a chainsaw in place as well.
    Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Hemp Cattle Co., 4052 Basin Springs Rd., Winchester, Ky. 40391 (ph 859 396-2930; kevin@hempcattlecompany.com; www.hempcattlecompany.com).

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