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Aquafighter Pulls Water Out Of Diesel
A Norwegian company says it has developed a product that pulls water out of diesel fuel storage tanks. Developed for big diesel tanks at fuel stations, Aquafighter® is now available for agriculture, trucking, generators, and other uses.
“It’s the first product that removes and captures all water, including bound and emulsified water, from diesel fuel in the fuel tank before it can cause water accumulation, bacteria growth and damage to the tank, fuel system, filters, and engine,” Steve Schultz of DieselCare AS. “If you clean the tank first and then use Aquafighter®, it will keep the fuel pure and the tank clear for a lifetime.”
From a slim 3-in. width snake shape to a 6-ft. industrial pad, the products are made of a durable, fabric membrane that contains Aquafighter® powder to pull in the water and isolate it in a protective gel. To use it, slip the snake/pad into the tank, and secure the end of the string under the cap or on the outside of the opening. Aquafighter® rests on the bottom of the tank and can be pulled up and checked periodically. It should be replaced when full to assure that it is actively protecting your fuel and tank at all times.
For example, the $70 snake model, is designed for tanks with 1 1/2-in. or larger openings. It’s capable of capturing a 1/2-liter of water, which is considered a lot in a 300 gal. tank.
By removing all water from diesel and biodiesel, there is no need for most additives and fuel polishing and there is far less need for filter replacements, Schultz says, even during frigid winters.
Aquafighter® is not designed to be used on diesel pickups, because the pipe leading to the fuel tank is too small.
“The most important place to protect the fuel is at the storage tank when you take control of the supply,” Schultz emphasizes. Beyond that, Aquafighter® products can be used in tanks with openings as small as 1 1/2-in.
The company is setting up distribution in N.A. Contact Schultz for information about dealers near you.
Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Steve Schultz, Aquafighter® from DieselCare AS (ph: 407 564-2411; WhatsApp: +47 484-08-240; www.aquafighter.com; steves@aquafighter.com).

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