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Kit Makes Pipe Reel Repair Easy
Combine reel pipes worn thin at their bearings are easy to fix with a repair kit from Bryant Combine Parts. Instead of replacing the pipe, just cut out the worn section and splice in a new one. The kit comes with everything needed except for a tool to cut the pipe.
  “We started selling replacement pipe reels, but shipping a 30-ft. reel is not efficient,” says Ryan Davidson, Bryant Combine Parts. “The kits are a way to save farmers money. Since introducing them, they have gone everywhere, all over the U.S. We have a distributor in Australia, and some kits have gone to Canada.”
  The company has kits to match common pipe styles used by major manufacturers for different models. Each kit includes pipe sections to splice into place and new pins to lock it in place, as well as a new bearing.
  Installation is easy, and videos on the company website make it even easier. The first step is to remove reel fingers to either side of the bearing to verify the pipe style, should the original reel have been replaced previously. Combine models with their OEM pipe reels in place can be checked against the kit “fit” list.
  Once the bearing holder and bearing have been removed, the worn pipe is cut and removed. The new section simply slides into the OEM pipe and is pinned in place. With the new bearing installed and the bearing holder and reel fingers returned to their places, the combine is ready to go.
  Kit prices vary from $28 to $30 each.
  Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Bryant Combine Parts, P.O. Box 176, Bryant, Ind. 47326 (ph 260 997-6940; toll free 800 255-1071; parts@bryantcombineparts.com; www.bryantcombineparts.com).

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