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He Turns Maple Syrup Into Sugar
Folks who visit Tony Peetersí maple syrup stand discover a second sweet treat - maple sugar.
Because of maple syrupís low glycemic index, it appeals to diabetics and people on the Keto diet. Maple sugar can be used in baked goods at 1/4 the rate of regular sugar.
ďOne gallon of syrup makes 8 lbs. of sugar. But not all syrup will make sugar,Ē says Peeters, Menahga, Minn. He notes that he uses only the syrup made from sap collected early in the season because it has lower invert sugars (.4 to 2 percent).
He starts by cooking the sap into syrup, then running it through a filter press and into 40-gal. stainless steel barrels. Of the 14 barrels of syrup he made last year, he set aside 5 for sugar.
To make the sugar, he reheats the syrup to 255 to 260 F and pours it immediately into an industrial 60-quart mixer. The heat and the stirring evaporate the water, and within a few minutes turns the syrup into sugar. Peeters pours it in tubs to spread it out and cool thoroughly before straining out bigger clumps to grind before packaging it.
The sugarís texture is between white sugar and powdered sugar. Some people like the maple flavor in their coffee. When itís used in baked goods, the maple flavor isnít noticeable. But itís low glycemic index releases sugar slowly into the blood stream, making it a better option for diabetics. Maple sugar also has fewer calories, 11 calories/tsp., compared to 16 calories/tsp. of white sugar.
The extra work is worth it, Peeters says, as it has increased his customer base. He sells the sugar for $15/lb.
Last season he had 2,400 taps, and he hopes to increase to 4,000 to 5,000 taps in the next couple of years. He doesnít have a website, but Peeters ships orders.
Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Anthony Peeters (ph 218 298-4758; tonka_p85@hotmail.com).

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