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State-Of-The-Art Toolbox
“Our new JP Elite 40 toolbox keeps all your tools organized and easy to access. It opens like a fisherman’s tackle box, making most tools easily visible,” says James Perkins, inventor of the Shop-N-Box toolbox.
The JP Elite 40 toolbox is made from 14-ga. diamond plate steel except for a 10-ga. steel top. It measures 40 in. wide by 10 in. high and 24 in. deep and comes with a small fold-up front door that lifts out of the way, allowing you to easily access small tools like combination wrenches and screwdrivers. Once you’ve opened the front door, you can also access a roll-out tray designed to hold small tools such as pliers, meters, miscellaneous wrenches, and so forth.
You also can lift the top of the toolbox to access bigger and heavier tools such as sockets, wrenches, hammers, bars and more. The top of the toolbox is fitted with rows of metal pegs for storing sockets, and a series of holes for storing screwdrivers.
“Each tool sets on its own peg and everything lays down flat. As the toolbox is closed, a bar goes across the top of the pegs so nothing can get loose,” says Perkins.
A storage drawer can be set up under the JP Elite 40 to store cordless drills, bolts, spare parts, and more.
“I came up with the idea for the Elite 40 because most truck tool boxes take up too much space, and are too tall,” says Perkins. “The Elite 40 is just 10 in. high so it’s easy to see over, and doesn’t compromise your visibility while driving.”
The toolbox’s hard top can support a lot of weight. “By lifting the front door you can throw ladders or feed bags on it, or even stand on it, and still have access to your tools,” says Perkins.
He developed his first toolbox, the I-80, in 2011. It’s designed to set on a flatbed pickup or truck and measures 80 in. wide by 18 in. high and 1 ft. deep. It comes with an 80-in. long insert that holds all your tools and can be rolled out from either end of the toolbox.
“All the rollout drawers on our toolboxes come with a patented roller system that’s designed to hold up to heavy use,” notes Perkins.
The JP Elite 40 sells for $800 plus S&H; the 1-80 for $1,500 plu S&H. The company will soon introduce a Super 40 toolbox with built-in storage for big tools.
You can watch videos of all Shop-N-Box toolboxes on the company website and on YouTube.     
Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, James Perkins, Shop-N-Box, 152 Perkins Rd., Sedan, New Mexico 88436 (ph 844 502-9361; sedanperk@yahoo.com; www.shopnbox.com).

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