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Cat Fountain Never Needs Cleaning
“With our AquaPurr cat water fountain your cat always drinks fresh, cool water, and you never need to fill or clean a water bowl,” says Steven Chalmers, Castle Rock, Colo.
The AquaPurr is designed to be set up next to a sink and hooked up to the faucet via a diverter valve, which allows you to use the sink normally.  When you’re done using the sink, leave the cold water turned on and flip the lever on the diverter valve. When the cat triggers a proximity sensor, a solenoid valve opens allowing the water to flow out the fountain’s drinking spigot.  Any water the cat doesn’t drink goes down the drain.
“No water will flow from the AquaPurr until the cat triggers the proximity sensor,” says Chalmers.
“Other cat water fountains recirculate the water, so they require cleaning at least once a week. The problem is the cat’s saliva mixes with the water and grows a slime.  Dismantling the entire fountain to clean it is a big chore, and cleaning the slime out of a submerged pump can be quite a challenge.”
The AquaPurr sells for $89 plus S&H.
Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Steven Chalmers, 4829 N. Mesa Drive, Castle Rock, Colo. 80108 (ph toll-free 833 278-2787 or 303 981-9879; steven@chalmersinnovations.com or www.AquaPurr.com).

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