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Big Wood Stove Pays For Itself Fast
“I farm but have time in the winter to build a few wood stoves for local folks. Many people want a bigger stove than what’s on the market, and I can build stoves as big as they want,” says Bill White, Twisp, Wash.
He recently sent photos of a stove made from 1/4-in. thick steel that measures 32 in. long by 30 in. tall and 25 in. wide. It weighs 545 lbs., and the door alone weighs 35 lbs. The door is double hollow steel to prevent warpage.
“This big stove will heat a 3,500-square foot house. The owner only needs to load logs in it twice a day, even when outdoor temperatures are about 25 degrees,” says White. “An afterburner in the firebox is used to reburn the smoke to make the stove more efficient, and to reduce smoke and emissions.”
Located near the top of the firebox, the afterburner consists of 4 horizontal pipes with tiny holes drilled into them. Air enters the afterburner through holes drilled into the back side of the stove’s legs.
A clean-out hole located above the stove’s door is used to remove soot.
White has built about 15 stoves over the years, and says each house requires a different size stove. “I call them ‘The 3 Bears Stoves’ because the first one I built was too small for the owner’s house. The second one was way too big, so I built a third one in between that was just right.”
He says his stoves are built to last. “The first one I built is 40 years old. The owner still uses it every winter to burn 10 cords of firewood, but it hasn’t burned out yet.”
He builds the stoves with a big 8-in. dia. smoke stack “to ensure enough air flows through.” A 6-in adapter can also be fitted to the pipe.
White charges about $50 per hour labor plus materials, which he says is “fairly inexpensive. Also, I’ll gladly share my stove design with others.”
Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Bill White, P.O. Box 975, Twisp, Wash. 98856 (ph 509 630-4054; Billsuewhite@gmail.com).

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