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Firewood Totes Save Time, Space
Eric Petrevich needed an inexpensive way to haul and store split wood that he sells to individual homeowners and wholesale markets, so he started using metal cages from 275-gal. chemical totes.
“By using totes, I’m able to limit how many times I handle the wood. The totes allow the wood to season well, save space, and ensure consistent measurement of wood quickly and easily,” says Petrevich. “Each tote holds about one third of a cord.”
He buys the totes in bulk for $20 to $30 apiece, then removes the poly containers and sells them locally for about $40 apiece to people who use them for dog houses or water storage.
“I load the wood directly from my wood processor into the totes,” says Petrevich. “Once a tote is full, I use my Kioti 75 hp. 4-WD loader tractor to haul the cages to a storage area and stack the cages 2 or 3 high. I place a lid on the top cage to keep rain and snow off the wood. The wood gets plenty of airflow and sunlight.”  
When he sells a cord of wood, he uses rotating forks on the tractor to quickly load the wood into his dump truck (Vol. 44, No. 4). “The rotating forks were designed for use on a forklift, but I adapted them to my front-end loader,” says Petrevich. “I lift the totes over the side of the truck, and rotate them upside down to dump the wood directly into the truck.”  
He says the totes are made from galvanized metal and will last for years, even when stored outside.
Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Eric Petrevich, Glen Gardner, N.J. (farmshow@megageek.com).

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