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Electric Work Carts Geared For Farm Use
The Motorized Electric Cart from Kramble Industries is truly multi-purpose. Customers keep finding new uses that the company never envisioned when building their first prototype.
“We got the idea when hauling our other products and materials to trade shows. We realized it would be a lot easier with a powered cart,” says Al Reid, Kramble Industries.
It didn’t take long for fellow exhibitors to want carts for themselves or for word of the cart to spread to other industries. It uses the same technology the company uses to help farmers move grain augers, dump grain and close chutes, as well as start and stop them all remotely.
Kramble makes several versions of their carts, with base prices ranging from $6,100 to $10,900. They vary from a 24 by 56-in. model that can slip through a man-sized door to the 4 by 8-ft. barn cart. Even the 24-in. version can carry a full ton with a capacity of 4,000 lbs. on the larger Barn Cart.
All carts are equipped with stainless steel drive chains and 66 ft.-lb. worm gear drives that do double duty as parking brakes. Rugged 16-in. tires handle most conditions, and the 12-volt DC rear drive motor provides variable speed forward and reverse. Carts come with LED power level indicators and water resistant smart chargers. Quick release pins put carts in manual mode.
“We replaced the twist-grip throttle with a handle with forward/reverse and throttle control,” says Reid. “The handle also has a bump-control reverse. If the operator is in a tight area and the cart accidentally bumps him, it goes into reverse immediately. We don’t want an operator being squeezed by a cart to panic and get hurt.”
The simplicity of the cart and the common chassis design makes it easy to customize. “We’ve built them with cabinets for cleaning supplies, with toolboxes for mechanics and sold them to landscapers for plants and inputs,” says Reid. “All of them are under 5 ft., so they fit into most pickup boxes for easy transport.”
Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Kramble Industries, 20-3924 Brodsky Ave., Saskatoon, Sask. Canada S7P 0C9 (ph 306 933-2655; sales@kramble.net; www.kramble.net).

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