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Spilled Beans Saved By Shopping Cart
In the fall of 2020, a Minnesota farmer accidentally dumped about 30 bushels of soybeans on the ground beneath a large gravity box parked in his newly harvested bean field. With darkness and rain on the horizon, he thought briefly of using his front-end loader to dump the beans, field trash and all, back into the wagon. Wisdom prevailed, and he drove his tractor back to its shed, where the headlights shined on a dusty old metal shopping cart sitting in the corner.
The next morning he pulled out the old cart and tied an old wire grate to the bottom of the cart with bailing wire to create a make-shift sieve. Then he positioned the cart over the top of his screened auger hopper. Hoping nobody would drive into the yard and think he was crazy, he dumped the trashy beans into the cart, one 5 gal. bucket at a time. With considerable shaking for assistance, his shopping cart sieve worked great, allowing the beans to fall into the hopper while the trash stayed in the cart.
Over a beer that evening, he told a neighbor about his “invention” and how it saved him about $300 worth of beans. The neighbor told him, “Why don’t you send the story to FARM SHOW and see if they’ll run it. Just make sure they don’t use your name because you’ll never hear the end of it.”

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