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New Grain Leveler For Drying Bins
"It keeps grain constantly level during filling or unloading," says Sime Inc. of its new auger-equipped grain leveler that doubles as a grain spreader and as a sweep auger for emptying the bin.
For leveling, incoming grain is directed to fall into the leveler's cone. From there it's distributed by an 8 in. horizontal auger that can be adjusted to create any type of grain surface ¨ completely level, coned or an inverted cone.
The entire unit ¨ cone, drive motor and auger¨ operates like a giant nut that slowly screws its way up and down a giant "bolt" formed by the vertical center post (8 in. dia.) which is equipped with welded-on spirals which serve as threads. The electric motor's power cord is automatically wound up, or played out, as the leveler moves up (to level grain while filling) or down (to keep grain level as the bin is being unloaded, or to position the unit at the bottom for sweeping the bin clean).
It takes incoming grain to move the leveler upwards on the threaded vertical center post, and the more grain coming in, the faster it climbs. In reverse (moving down the vertical center post), the leveler unit self-regulates so the leveling auger doesn't bite into more grain than it can handle.
For the very last revolution once the leveler has "screwed" its way to the bottom of the bin, a "clean sweep" shield is affixed to the auger and you move it by hand frill circle to "sweep" the bin clean to within an inch of the floor, the manufacturer points out.
If you load grain into the bin and forget to turn the leveler on, a loud horn will sound to let you know so you don't cover it up.
Handles bins up to 48 ft. in dia. and sells for right at $2,500.
For more information, contact FARM SHOW Followup, Simes Inc., P.O, Box 38, Walters, Minn. 56092 (ph 507 294-3780).

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