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No Harm Trap for Coyotes, Wild Dogs
Farmers and ranchers who have problems with coyotes and wild dogs will love this new first-of-its-kind live trap that catches large animals live and holds them without harm.
Inventor Robert Pritchford, Jr., says he's had tremendous interest from all over the world for his new trap, especially since the most effective poisons for coyotes and other animals have been banned in many countries. "Most live traps are box traps. Coyotes and many wild dogs are too smart to get caught in them. Leg hold traps are considered cruel by many animal rights advocates and may be banned eventually. This is not only the most effective trap ever made, it's also the most humane."
The trap consists of a long spring-loaded cylinder that's anchored to the ground with two screw-type anchors. The piston on the cylinder connects to a chain' fitted with a choke collar. A garbage can-type cover goes over the trap. A feed dish, which triggers the trap, mounts on top of the cylinder.
The cylinder is cocked and the feed tray set into place. When the cylinder is cocked, the entire length of the chain is exposed and it sticks to magnets around the opening of the trap. The bottom of the loop is laid loosely along the sides of the cylinder. When the animal reaches in to eat out of the feed tray, movement of the tray releases the cylinder which instantly tightens the chain around the animal's neck. When it tries to pull away, the flexible noose tightens its grip. When the animal eases up, the chain loosens.
"Part of what makes this trap so effective is the use of a trash can to cover it," Pitch-ford told FARM SHOW. "An animal will put his head in with no fear and, because of this, they do not recognize the no-harm animal restrainer as a trap. Once caught, it's virtually impossible for animal to be hurt."
The "No Harm" trap sells for $149.95.
For more information, contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Robert L. Pitchford, Jr., P.O. Box 61450 (ph 213 608-1715).

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