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New Device Ensures Accurate Milk Sampling
"Whenever a milk hauler takes a milk sample before the milk is well mixed, the chances are very good that the sample will not be accurate," points out Rob Johnson, developer of the new "Pro-Legal Milk Transfer System" which, he says, solves the problem.
Johnson, president of Liquid Sampling Systems, Inc., Cedar Rapids, Iowa, explains that, "the Pro-Legal system is a series of interlocks that connect the agitator with the milk transfer pump, ensuring that milk isn't pumped out of the tank until the milk has been agitated for the preset time."
Key to the patented system is a control box which mounts either in the milk truck on the pump motor cabinet, or in the milk house. The control box has a timer inside which is activated when the pump cord is plugged into the outlet at the farm and the agitator turned on. The outlet, in turn, is wired into a relay box, installed in the milk house. The relay box connects to the agitator starter switch.
After the milk hauler measures the milk, he turns on the agitator. At the preset time, a red light on the box will come on indicating that it's time to take the sample and pumping can begin. A green light on the box indicates the system is on.
The timer can be set for any time between 1 and 10 minutes in 20 second increments. For longer mixing times, another timer is available.
The agitator stays on until the transfer pump is shut off. The system resets automatically so, if the pump is shut off before the milk is pumped out, the hauler will have to repeat the cycle. If the system malfunctions there is a bypass system in the relay box. The box can be padlocked shut to prevent tampering.
The relay box sells for $18.50. The control box sells for $350, which includes the timer and connecting cables.
For more information, contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Liquid Sampling Systems, Inc. P.O. Box 165, Cedar Rapids, Iowa 52406 (ph 319 365-2259).

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