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New Masonry Is Mortarless
You don't need to be a skilled mason to build a brick wall. Not if you use a new masonry product called Zip Brick.
Anybody can put up a brick wall that's straight, strong and attractive with this new "mortarless" masonry system. Bricks are made of molded concrete with a "tongue and groove" design so that they interlock to form a sturdy wall. Available in two sizes- standard 2 1/2 by 8 by 8 in.
You lay only the first course of bricks with conventional mortar to provide a solid, level foundation. From there on, Zip Bricks are laid course by course, locked together so they can't move.
When you reach a corner, you lay a special corner brick. When you have built the wall as high as you need it, you top it off with special cap bricks.
To build a waterproof wall, you apply a bead of sealant or caulking to the outside edge and one end of each brick as you build. Or, you can plaster or stucco the wall after it's up.
Need a stronger wall? Then use the double thickness bricks in the same way as the 4-in. bricks. If you want to reinforce it, you use another style of brick that has a special built-in groove to accommodate reinforcing rods. The grooved brick is also used to carry electrical wiring inside the wall.
You can use 4-inch brick to face up a wood or masonry wall. In this case, the bricks must be tied to the other wall with galvanized wires.
Walls can be built any height or length with Zip Brick. The manufacturer recommends that a permanent wall be glued with mortar every 1 or 2 feet, and corner bricks must always be glued. Outdoor permanent walls should have expansion joints every
20 feet.
Mortarless bricks can be used for fireplaces, room dividers, outdoor planters, patio walls, garages, utility sheds and retaining walls. They can be plastered, painted or sealed after they are up.
The manufacturer estimates that a wall can be built with Zip Brick in one-quarter the time it takes to put up a conventional masonry wall. If you make a mistake or change your plans, it's easy to take the bricks apart and start over.
Zip Bricks are now being produced under license in 19 states. You can get more information, or locate your nearest local dealer, by contacting the main office. Write to: FARM SHOW Followup, Zip Brick Company,10439 Garibaldi, St. Louis, Mo. 63131 (ph. 314 933-6981).

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