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Wall-Mounted Compressor Saves Space
“Forklift drivers in our seed warehouse haul boxes or pallets of seed without a lot of visibility in front of them, so we mounted our high-capacity air compressor 8 ft. off the floor in a corner of the building to keep the drivers and the equipment safe,” says Matt Thoreson of Kenyon Ag Service.
The 80-gal. Nitro compressor, which weighs more than 500 lbs., is bolted to the wood pallet it was shipped on and chained it to a heavy-duty metal frame made of reinforced angle iron. That frame is secured with lag bolts into the wall of the building. Extra support for the platform is provided a 2 by 4 cross member underneath the frame and by two chains connected to large eye hooks on each side of the frame extending to a 2 by 8 ceiling truss.
Power for the compressor is hard-wired to an on/off switch near the building’s power panel. Air lines are routed to connectors near a large entry door and near the seed treating equipment.
Thoreson says the setup works great because their employees can use the air pressure to clean heavy equipment outside the entry door and the other line can be used to clean the treating equipment. Seed boxes or pallets can be stacked under the compressor to maximize storage space in the 75 ft. by 160 ft. warehouse.
Thoreson says the idea was a collective decision by everyone who works in the warehouse and was completed by the employees when the shed was built.
Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Kenyon Ag Service, 550 Huseth St., Kenyon, Minn. 55946.

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