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Foam System Controls Weeds With Hot Water
As restrictions on chemical weed control become more and more strict, entrepreneurs are coming up with new ways to kill weeds. Foamstream is an herbicide-free solution, developed by Weedingtech in England, that controls unwanted vegetation, including weeds, moss and algae.   
“We developed Foamstream to replace traditional herbicides such as glyphosate,” says Leo de Montaignac, CEO of  Weedingtech. “Our customer base has grown very favorably since we launched in in 2015 and we now have more than 400 machines working worldwide.”
Foamstream is a patented low-pressure process that combines hot water with a biodegradable foam made from natural plant oils and sugars. The mixture is a 99.5 percent to 0.5 percent hot water to foam ratio.  Hot water kills the plant matter with the foam acting as a layer of insulation over the hot water to keep the heat working longer.
“The product was initially designed to control unwanted vegetation, but is now being also used for street cleaning and sanitization of public spaces. It’s also being used in viticulture, small-scale agriculture and various forms of utility site maintenance. The foam is applied with an ergonomic wand so it’s targeted and doesn’t drift, which is common with most herbicide methods,’ de Montaignac says.
Foamstream can be used year around in all types of weather and on any surface. “It’s been approved by all necessary accreditation bodies as non-toxic, organic and safe for use in any environment, including around people, animals and waterways,” de Montaignac says. “Due to these safety credentials the operator isn’t required to wear specialist protective clothing or carry out any ongoing certification or specialist training, saving organizations the usual costs attributed to using herbicides.”
The Foamstream L12 is an entry level, operator-driven system offering a 3.2 gal./min flow rate. It can be mounted on pick-up trucks, trailers and UTV’s. 
The Foamstream Municipal Range includes the M600 with a flow rate of 1.8 gal./min. It fits on vehicles similar to the L12 and is well-suited to smaller-scale jobs in noise sensitive and harder to reach areas. The M1200 has a flow rate of 3.2 gal/min., which is ideal for control, cleaning and sanitization jobs in larger spaces. It has a computer based diagnostic system to help ensure the operator is using the machine to its full potential.
Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Weedingtech, Unit 2 Westpoint Trading Estate, Alliance Road, London, England W3 ORA (ph 011 44 203 909 0050; info@weedingtech.com; www.weedingtech.com)

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