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“Bucket” Trap Catches Flies By The Thousands
Brian Dickinson used a 5-gal. bucket and part of a commercial fly trap to make a high-volume fly trap that greatly reduced the fly population on his Alberta property.
    “My homemade trap starts to stink right away and catches flies by the thousands. As soon as I put it out, the flies get busy right away, almost like I had just kicked a wasp nest,” he says.
    He used a keyhole saw to drill a hole on one side of the bucket lid, then cut the black top off the fly bag and screwed it into the hole. He drilled a second hole on the other side of the lid. Then he cut off the top part of a clear plastic soap container keeping the cap on, and screwed it on over the hole to serve as a sight gauge.
    To produce a strong smell, he cut open another fly bag already full of dead flies and dumped them into the bucket, which covered the bottom about 1 in. deep. He also dumped in a couple more fly attractants for good measure.
    Flies go in through the top part of the fly bag and can’t find their way back out. “The key to my bucket trap is the smell. It’s so bad that no animals will bother it,” says Dickinson. “I left it out all of last summer, and by the end of the summer there were more than 12 in. of solid flies and maggots in the bucket. I made a couple of other traps for friends and they were impressed, too,” says Dickinson.
    Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Brian Dickinson, P.O. Box 36, Site 3, RR 2, Rocky Mountain House, Alberta Canada T4T 2A2 (ph 403 845-5259).

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